Program & Thematic

Starting from nothing and having gone through difficult times, Africans, men and women, have managed to find a place in the sun, to be among the leaders who have marked Africa and the world through their dedication and determination. They have the most beautiful way, demonstrated that the success is at the end of the effort and that with the conviction in the crossbody one can reach its objectives, and that whatever its age, its handicap or its condition. Indeed, to reach the summit of success is not a chimera.

Confidence has also been one of their most powerful weapons to cross the desert hardships. These men and women, who are role models and who are among the best of their generations, today inspire young talents and African leaders. They invented management models and business ethics taught in the major African business schools. They offer the continent’s youth a hope that Africa can emerge by promoting a new leadership based fundamentally on new practices that derive from our values ​​and customs.

And it is these models of success that Africa will have to offer as an example to the world. Yes, Africa is moving and bubbling with initiatives and successes thanks to these illustrious sons. It is this face, of an Africa aware of its role and of its place in the world and in the concert of nations, that the exceptional ceremony of the African Leadership Award (ALA) will be celebrated in Paris on Saturday 10  November 2018. In indeed, the ALA will be the appropriate answer to those who think and argue that the African continent has not gone down in history, and as the Anglo-Saxons say “the shortest answer is action”!